08" Thermal Transfer A type Compressed Fiber Gasket 2 Pass

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ID - 7 5/8"
OD - 9 1/2"

Thermal Transfer Part # 60369

For use with the following Thermal Transfer Type A Heat Exchanger Models:

A-1624-2-6-O A-1624-6-6-O A-1624-2-6-T A-1624-6-6-T A-1624-2-6-F A-1624-6-6-F
A-1636-3-6-O A-1636-6-6-O A-1636-3-6-T A-1636-6-6-T A-1636-3-6-F A-1636-6-6-F
A-1648-3-6-O A-1648-6-6-O A-1648-3-6-T A-1648-6-6-T A-1648-3-6-F A-1648-6-6-F
A-1660-4-6-O A-1660-6-6-O A-1660-4-6-T A-1660-6-6-T A-1660-4-6-F A-1660-6-6-F
A-1672-4-6-O A-1672-6-6-O A-1672-4-6-T A-1672-6-6-T A-1672-4-6-F A-1672-6-6-F